What’s More Romantic Than a Rose Petal Cake?!

What's More Romantic Than a Rose Petal Cake?!

Roses are cakes, and violets are pies… https://taste.md/2FuF3Jl
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  1. Pimto Soup より:


  2. Quitting AJ より:

    Put this blue if you Love Tastemade.

  3. whalesoul より:

    All roses are edible right? RIGHT???

    • Lucia Kvarnstrom-Meissner より:

      whalesoul I believe roses are edible, but you’d have to research to make sure. I would assume they are edible because they’re often use to decorate cakes, but just to make sure, I’d double check. 🙂

  4. Best Recipes Cookbook より:

    Such a delightful looking cake, well done. This is going to be a sure hit during Valentine’s day or special occasions ❤❤

  5. Zesty! より:

    Very classy. Love the rose petals versus frosting flowers. I bet their fewer calories! haha

  6. Ashton Tillack より:

    Who watches the recipes but never really does it 😂

  7. Boone Bake분粉베이크 より:

    Looks so good

  8. Daana Paani House より:

    Such a beautiful and delicious cake recipe 👌👌