Dorm Friendly Meals + Quick Snack Recipes

Dorm Friendly Meals + Quick Snack Recipes

1. 8 Ramen Hacks:
2. Comfort in a Mug 4 Ways:
3. Unexpected Crockpot Desserts:
4. 90s Snacks 4 Ways:
5. Push Pop Hack:

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  1. triplet 4life より:

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  2. Kieltha より:

    How hard is it to show the ingredients?

  3. Boone Bake분粉베이크 より:

    Great channel

  4. Not Me より:

    My sodium levels are riding by just watching this

  5. Not Me より:

    Your editor forgot the text. Fire him.

  6. Daniel Evans より:

    I make what I call EGGY NOODLE SUPRISE! it’s just eggy noodels and what ever else is going off 😂. The suprise is not only in the taste but weather you’re gonna be gripping the toilet after 😂😂

  7. Patty Krabbies より:

    I’ll never eat ramen again

  8. Pi V より:

    Tastemade has far, far too much faith in sudents

  9. karenamanda1958 より:

    List the ingredients as they’re being added, please.

  10. miaangelis より:

    And this is how the freshman 15 is gained…

  11. أنا و مامتي في المطبخ Ana W mamty f elmatb5 より:


  12. Healthy Recipe Channel より:

    I like Hummus and raw broccoli. 😊