We Ate Nuggets For Over A Week

We Ate Nuggets For Over A Week

Benison & Michael are back with a new challenge! This time, there’s no limit— who can eat ONLY chicken nuggets for the longest?

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  1. Jahneshia Goden より:

    Benison is bae guys 💕💕💕💕

  2. Some Guy With An Email より:

    Based on the how flexible the rules are, I’ve basically been in a ‘I Ate Rice For My Entire Life So Far’ video.

  3. ShiningN より:

    *BuzzFeed* is proud!

  4. Anie Bea より:

    people are complaining about them eating chicken nuggets with other things but honestly i dont rlly mind. Like they still have to eat chicken nuggets in every of their meals and its still enjoyable to watch soo ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  5. Frank Silveria より:

    Love watching these challenges they’re so entertaining! Keep em’ coming!

  6. Landon B5_4 より:

    0:06. Is that the zucc?

  7. mrclueuin より:

    Guys, guys if y’all gonna keep doing silly stuff like this at least do one thing……..
    …………..drink water!
    O.k? Water cleans out your system, refreshes you palate, and most importantly of all…….
    ……helps you use the bathroom.
    Ya know what I mean? 😉

  8. Shanelle Warner より:

    6:52 -6:60 is proof that men never really grow up , like I have any room to talk. Cause I’m going to be doing the same thing as an adult 🤦🏽🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Kayla Pocha より:

    I think the videos that were location based (I ate only Mcdonalds, Taco Bell, etc) were more fun to watch because we could see a review on all of the food items in that place….as well as secret menu items that you came up with. The food based ones aren’t as entertaining (to me)

  10. Celeste より:

    If you can eat nuggets with fries like you should, then they should be able to eat nuggets with, eggs, rice ect. 👍🏼
    The coolest changes are when they eat at 1 restaurant for a week.

  11. Ana Castaneda より:

    Panera for a week!!

  12. Itz Ten より:

    people who hate benison<<<

  13. M J より:

    U guys should do donuts

  14. Jessica Williams より:

    It seems like I have seen this video before…..BECAUSE I HAVE! #repost

  15. Vicky Mac より:

    Should have eaten popcorn chickens from boba places

  16. Commenting Petscop 2 On Every New Pyrocynicle Vid より:


  17. Samantha Godard より:

    If I was them I would have just added nuggets as my protein in everything. Like a nugget burrito and nugget pad Thai. Things like that.

  18. xxxMxxx xMxMxMxM より:

    Here for Benison 👀❤️

  19. EienAii より:

    “We ate nuggets for a week” where is only in the title? It isn’t. They managed to mainly eat chicken nuggets throughout their whole challenge and sometimes incorporated them into other food. 100% acceptable.

  20. Rayyan Hyder より:

    Do indian food for a week