Homemade Kim Chee (vegan) ☆ 自家製ヴィーガンキムチの作り方

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Homemade Kim Chee (vegan) ☆ 自家製ヴィーガンキムチの作り方

This is my very first attempt to make kim chee myself and this tastes really nice! I’m so satisfied 😉



2.5kg napa cabbage
150g salt

250g daikon radish (julianne)
100g apple (grated)
30g chinese chives (chopped into an inch long)
30g garlic (grated)
30g ginger (grated)
50g sweetener
5g kombu (thinly cut or sliced)
150g korean chili powder (Don’t use normal chili powder. it’s too hot to use.)

200g water
20g glutinous rice fllour


1. sprinkle salt between napa cabbage leaves and put a weight until water come out. flip over if necessary.
2. put water and glutinous rice flour together and heat it until it thickens.
3. put all the ingredients for seasoning together and pour glutinous rice mixture. mix well.
4. rinse napa cabbage thoroughly.
5. spread kim chee paste on every napa cabbage leaves.
6. put it in a container and let it sit for a day.
7. keep in a fridge and eat up within 30 days or so.


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白菜 2.5kg
塩 150g

韓国産唐辛子 150g
りんご 100g(すりおろし)
甘味料 50g
ニラ 30g
にんにく 30g(すりおろし)
生姜 30g(すりおろし)
昆布 5g(細長く切る)

水 200g
白玉粉 20g



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